Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day!

These are the last of the garnet earrings I made at the end of last year. I love these as well. I had a similar pair at home that were all pearls. But I think the contrast of garnet and pearl is cute.

Again these are smaller than the first few I posted at the beginning of January. They are just over an inch long so they would even be cute for a little girl. Each Cluster features 3 - 6mm garnet beads and 3 - 6mm pearls. All the metals and findings are silver plated.

While this may be the last pair in this line I may produce more garnet earrings in the future. I wanted to start off the year showing you all some really nice styles. Now I have to get working on my March idea, fingers crossed I can actually do it.

£7.00 including UK shipping or $9.75 including US shipping
Don't forget you can get any of the earrings in kidney wires or clips (clips are an additional cost)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Breaking News!!!

We interrupt your scheduled broadcast for this special report.

Clip on earrings are now available!

Last year with the two fairs we attended I came across a reoccurring theme. “They’re nice, but my ears aren’t pierced.” Well, now there is no excuse.

 Just after Christmas I ordered more silver plated findings because I was running low. I didn’t notice it when I received them but when I put them on the first pair  this year I realized the new fishhooks are larger than the ones I’ve been using since I started. I must say that I like the smaller version better myself. But I looked on the site and there is no size specified so I guess it’s just what they have when you order. So I decided to try something different. I acquired Kidney Ear pieces. I have a pair of earring with these and I love them! I haven’t seen earrings with them since but my supplier has them so I got some.

I guess I should explain why I use the type of findings I do. When I was an infant my mother had my ears pierced, properly at a doctor's office. After a year or two she noticed that I took them out of my ears in my sleep. After several mornings getting down on her hands and knees to look for the lost earrings under my bed she gave up and stopped putting them on me. She only used 24 karat gold so it wasn’t the metal I was allergic to. After awhile the holes closed.Years later (and I remember this) I wanted to wear earrings. I was about seven or eight. After months of begging and pleading my mom re-pierced my ears (herself, at home). It didn’t hurt or not that I can remember. Once again she only used 24 karat gold post earrings, and sure enough after a while they bothered my ears.
I rarely wore earrings after that, but the holes never closed again. Sometimes I would see some cute ones that I liked and try them but most of the time they still bothered me. One Easter as a teenager I bought myself a cute (cheap) pair at a clothing store. Funny enough they didn’t bother me. So I tried going back to earrings I already had (posts) but they still bothered me. So I went through my earrings and took note of the ones I could wear with no problem and the ones that bothered me. Sure enough the ones that I had a problem wearing didn’t depend on the quality of the metal but the type of earring. Earrings like the fishhooks and kidneys don't bother me. But post earring still do, so I only wear those types (thus dangling – because they are both dangle earrings).

I transferred two pairs that were already made to clips and one pair to kidney just so that you can see how they look. If you are interested in any pair already made over the past year and a half in the clip on or kidney form just let me know. The clips are more expensive, so the clip on earrings will be as well. But at least now every one has an opportunity to wear a pair of fun, unique, handmade earrings.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Garnet Queens

Sorry this post is so late, I've had a busy few days. On Monday Neil and I were busy in London; I had errands to run ad Neil had an appointment. Yesterday I was cooking two lasagnas; one for us and one for a church function today. Then last night we went to the movies. We saw Trainspotting 2, which was very good although I admit I didn't always understand what they were saying. So I didn't get around to writing the blog until this morning and I didn't feel like getting out of bed.
I couldn't think of a name for these gorgeous girls but the Chambala beads looks a bit like a disco ball so I thought Disco Queen - Dancing Queen - Garnet Queen. I love this pair! While I do like all of the earrings I've made these are my favorites so far for this year. I wore them out the on Monday and while running an errand I realized I’d lost one. I was so upset! I wore them to show them off and get a nice picture in them.  To make things worse I didn't think I had enough of the expensive Chambala beads left to make another pair. Later in the day the missing earring fell out of my sweater. What luck!

This design is similar to the earrings I made for the wedding line last year; instead of using pearls I used garnets – and there’s no Swarovski crystal on the end. All of the beads are smaller than the wedding earrings so the earrings themselves are smaller, hanging just over an 1.25 inches from the ear. But they are just as classy.

It’s February now so if you’re an Aquarian or Pisces and you’d like these in Amethyst just let me know. I can make these with any birthstone however the price will change because the birthstones vary in cost.

And there’s still one pair left of the Love Heart earrings so if you’re interested send me an email, tweet or fb message to be sure you can have them in time for the day.

Garnet Queens £7.00 including shipping to the UK, $8.85 including shipping to the US.

Love Hearts £5.00 including UK shipping or $7.50 including US shipping

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Love Hearts

 It seems like every year I miss the holidays. By the time I think about producing something it’s too late for anyone to get it in time for the holiday; which is why I’ve never put out earrings for Halloween or Valentine’s Day before. That is why I started so early for the winter holidays this past year. So after Christmas I made a purchase that would ensure that I’d have something for you for Valentine’s Day.

So I’m taking a break from the birthstone designs to present a Valentine’s Day design. They’re really sweet! They consist of two crystal hearts hanging on chains. These cuties hang approximately 1.5 inches from the ear. However since these are handmade by me if you’d like them but want them to be longer(or shorter) I can alter them for you.

I have enough crystals to make two pairs so let me know soon.
£5.00 including UK shipping or $7.50 including US shipping

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 Garnet Grace


I try to wear a pair of earrings every time I go out. That way if someone says “I love your earrings!” I can say ‘Thank you, I made them and I sell them if you’d like a pair.’ This is the pair I wore this week, and good thing I did. A friend of mine inquired into a bead the color of her mother’s birthstone. She thought it was a ruby but after we spoke she realized it was garnet. Good thing I was wearing these!

I love this little pair. They are quite small compared to the ones I released in the past two weeks. These are barely an inch long. They are a similar style to some of the wedding earrings I released last year. They feature two 6mm garnet beads and one 6mm pearl bead separated by crystal rondelle spacers. All of the findings are silver plated.

Remember if your birthstone isn’t garnet I can do the same designs in any of the birthstones featured on this list.

£7.00 including UK shipping, $9.75 US including shipping

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Birthday Earrings

Birthday beauties - Garnets & Pearls
Did you get my picture on Monday? That was from my birthday, we did pretty much nothing in the morning. In the afternoon we went for coffee at our favorite cafe and then we spontaneously went to dinner at a great seafood restaurant nearby.
I wanted to wear one of the new pairs of earrings I made so I chose these. I picked this pair to wear for my birthday because they have pearls in addition to the garnets. I love this pair because they remind me of a necklace my mother has.  When I made them Neil said they were too long but you can be the judge of that. They aren't as long as the ones I posted last week.
These feature two garnet beads and one pearl strung together with gold plated pins. They are a little over 2 inches long.

After our nice dinner we came home and I took down the Christmas tree and ornaments. Apparently it's bad luck to leave Christmas decorations up after the 6th. At home I leave them up until I feel like taking them down or until the tree starts to die which can be as late as February. It didn't affect my luck any, in some ways I'd say my luck was better then.
Anyway I hope you like my birthday earrings as much as I do. They were a lot of fun to wear.
£7.00 including shipping to the UK. $8.85 including shipping to the US.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!!


 Happy New Year from all of us at the Dangling Journey! We hope you had a great Christmas and wish you a dazzling 2017.

I admit I didn’t give any previews for what’s coming up this year, but honestly I made several pairs of earrings before Christmas. I’m only going to release them one at a time though so I don’t run out of things to present. I also got lots of new supplies to make earrings with, so the journey continues.

I had two thoughts for this month; one was to try something different. Fortunately my birthday is this month (Friday to be precise) and a lot of other people I know have birthdays this month as well so I started thinking about birthstones. I looked at my supplier’s website and found Garnets reasonably priced, I can’t say the same for other birthstones though.

The second idea came to me while I was trying to go to sleep one night. I drew it on my phone. Unfortunately once I made them I deleted the drawing.


I think it looks rather pretty, even elegant. It features two 6mm garnet beads and one 6mm Chambala bead all hanging from a silver plated chain. The total length of the earring is 3 inches.

Any of the garnet earrings can be made in most birthstones. Here’s the complicated part – there are at least four different classifications of birthstones. I can get most from my supplier but there are a few (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire) that they do not supply or what they supply is actually glass and not rock or mineral. I have provided a chart and crossed out any that I cannot (or will not) supply. Only the best for my customers! No imitation stones here! Also some stones may be more expensive than garnet so if you order another stone I will quote you a price specific for your earrings before purchasing so there is no mix up. Colors: Jasper (leopard skin) Topaz (yellow/orange)

£8.00 including shipping to the UK. $9.85 including shipping to the US.