Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Today is our first wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it. We were so busy last year getting ready for the big day that I didn’t post anything for about two months. This year has gone by in a flash and yet it seems to have taken an eternity to get here. Strange, huh? Well if you’d like you can take a look back at our wedding pics.
Years ago I bought a cheap pair of earrings from a plus sized clothing store which I used to buy all of my clothes from (hint: it’s what real women wear). I wore them all the time especially when I was wearing royal blue which a lot of my summer wardrobe is. Over the years the long kidney wires turned and they didn’t look so good, but the beads were fine so when I started making earrings I put new hook on them.
I love these earrings and I have been trying to make some similar, which is why I bought the bead heads last month. But I made this pair while I was waiting for the bead heads to arrive. Once they arrived I realized none of the heads were small enough for the top of this bead since it’s very small on top.
I love the natural tones of this bead. It looks like there are layers in the beads like the sedimentary layers you may find in exposed rock on mountains or cliff faces. But the beads are not made of stone, they are glass. All of the findings are silver plated and they can be fitted with fish hook, kidney wires (shown) or clip-ons. They earrings hang just over and inch from the ear.
Hopefully we have a busy day ahead of us; recreating our wedding picture, going to dinner and having the top tier of our wedding cake.


£4.50 including UK shipping, $8.55 including US shipping


Wednesday, June 21, 2017



We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the UK, hopefully today is the last day of it. Today is the longest day of the year which to some is a sacred day – the Summer Solstice. It is a special day for Neil and I too, the first two years we were together we did fabulous things on this day. In 2014 we went to Box Hill for the evening, I took drinks and dessert and we sat on a bench on the hill eating our picnic and watching the night fall. We were even treated to fireworks going off in the distance. That night for both of us was the night we knew we were in love. The following year we went to Stonehenge, actually we went the night of the 20th to bring in the day of the 21st. After taking a short nap in the parking lot at Stonehenge, we spent the rest of the day going around to other sacred Druid sites like Avebury and Silbury Hill. Unfortunately last year we were too busy preparing for our wedding to do anything like that.

I have a few designs waiting to meet the public. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the preview of Crystal. I thought I’d bring out the elegant one first and now that I think about it Crystal was probably a fitting design to release this week. After all, people are leaving Stonehenge this morning and heading to Glastonbury for the festival. And Glastonbury is known for its mysticism, if you ever go there are crystal shops throughout town.  
These crystals are mystic though, they’re Swarovski. They are round, almost teardrop shaped and not flat the crystals in my wedding pair from last year. Also these crystals are iridescent and not truly clear. The crystals themselves are a third of an inch but they hang from a length of silver-plated chain, making the total length 1 and a quarter inches. The finding are all silver-plated as well and the earrings can me fitted with either fish hooks (shown), kidney wire or clip-ons.

I think what I love most about this pair is that they are simple enough to wear during the day and yet elegant enough to wear with something fancy. And once again the big perk of buying earrings from me is that if you would like the chain longer or shorter I can adjust it to your liking. I have several crystals left so I can probably make three pairs. Let me know if you’d like one.

£4.50 including UK shipping, $8.38 including US shipping

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jasper Beauty

Jasper Beauty

Back to the designs I had lined up before my bead heads arrived last week. I made these a few weeks ago when I first received the large pack of glass beads. The pack has so many different color beads I figured I could find something to go with the Jasper. I’ve had these Jasper beads for a while and since they are so earthy I couldn’t think of anything to do with them. I did sneak in a pair when I had the stall at the fair in March, but I couldn’t come up with an idea for another design. You may remember I started the year off with birthstones. I made several pairs of garnet earrings, I even made a pair that has both mine and my husband’s birthstones. I bought these jasper beads to continue the birthstone theme. Jasper is a birthstone for March or October. There are many different types of Jasper, this one is called Leopardskin Jasper because of the pattern in the stone.

This pair has one burgundy glass bead about 8 or 9 mm I’d say, with a 4 mm Jasper bead on each end of it. The burgundy of the glass bead picks up the streaks of burgundy running through the Jasper. The earrings hang approximately 1 1/8 inches from the ear. The findings are all silver plated and can be fitted with kidney wire (shown), fish hook or clip-ons.

I recently started an Instagram account and thought it would be a good idea to share my designs on Instagram a day earlier. So if you’re a fan of #TDJ or just want another way to keep in touch follow me on Instagram @robyngmh_tdj where you’ll see my picture. I hope you all like these as much as I do. I enjoyed making them and enjoyed photographing them.


£5.00 including UK shipping, $9.15 including US shipping


Wednesday, June 7, 2017



Well, I finally got the pieces I was waiting for. These are bead caps, I got them in a pack of about two hundred in various sizes and designs.  I wanted the bead caps to make certain designs, specifically one similar to a pair that I bought years ago. But these are not them.

I saw a similar pair to these on TV recently, possibly again on EastEnders. I think Michelle Fowler was wearing them but I could be wrong. This pair consists of a single 6mm pearl with the new bead caps, hanging from a length of chain. Since you can buy these straight from me you have your length of chain as short or as long as you like. The ones featured here hang about two inches from the ear. The chain and all the findings are silver plated.

£4.50 including UK shipping, $9.00 including US shipping.





Wednesday, May 31, 2017



I know what you’re thinking; isn’t this the same pair from last week? Well, not quite. The beads for this pair also came from the pack of glass beads I just purchased. The pack contains several colors of beads and each color has several shapes. The only problem with assorted bead sets is that there’s no consistency. There are several beads each color and shape but not necessarily in the quantities to make a pair (or two) of earrings.

This periwinkle pair hang about an inch and a half from the ear. In addition to the glass beads there is a pearl and all the findings are silver plated. And like the beads in Sunny, you can see a swirl pattern in the coloring of the bead.

In case the pairs from the past two weeks have left you a bit bored, not to worry. I have a few things coming up that are quite different including one which is a bit earthy and another that's slightly elegant. So keep your eyes open for the next few posts.

£4.50 including UK shipping, $8.55 including US shipping

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I've had a lot going on.

I’m sorry about not posting anything last week, I was a little under the weather. I should start by saying that I have terrible allergies. I went to an allergist in 2002 and he told me I had the worst allergies of any patient he’d ever seen and this doctor was pretty old. After taking expensive prescription antihistamines for years I settled for over the counter meds.  I took Cetirizine or Zyrtec for the past year or two but this year it stopped working (as antihistamines do from time to time) so now I’m taking Chlorphenamine which is in the same class of antihistamines as Benadryl or Diphenhydramine, they are very effective but they make you very sleepy (and now are being linked to Alzheimer's disease). I also take Flonase every day. Neil tells me I shouldn't take so much medicine and I have told him many times that if I don’t take these meds I get sick. Well now he has seen firsthand what happens when I don’t take my medicine. Two weeks ago I forgot to take them (both the antihistamine and nasal spray) for about four days total. The first time I got sick I was in college, I left the doctor with an antibiotic, steroids, nasal spray, decongestant, inhaler and cough syrup. And at least once a year for the last four years I was in the US I had the same thing happen, I would go to the doctor and they'd give me an antibiotic, steroids (methylprednisolone) and a cough medicine in pill form.  Last week (and even now) I was feeling pretty rotten but I couldn’t really rest, Neil is ill so someone has to take care of things. Last Wednesday I definitely had a fever and woke up twice in the night drenched. I can only stand to do one strenuous activity a day (whether it's yard work, cooking or cleaning) then I'm useless for the rest of the day. I am now at the tail end of this allergy induced bronchitis.

Last Tuesday I had my first driving lesson. Two weeks ago I passed the theory test for my UK driving license. I have a license in Pennsylvania but that isn’t doing me any good here (especially since I need to get it renewed). But I had never driven a stick shift or driven on the wrong side of the street (and car). I didn’t think I was going to do well. To be honest, I was okay driving but starting and stopping are tricky especially starting. I have another lesson tomorrow then hopefully Neil will put me on his insurance and I can drive between lessons.

Lastly, the flowers. Fortunately while I wasn’t feeling well it rained for almost a week  straight (or at least it felt like it). So I got to take a break from watering the flowers. But on Saturday I still went out to feed them (which I’m supposed to do every two weeks). My  two favorite roses seem to be at the end of their bloom, but three more are just getting started.
This lovely little orange rose is just starting to blossom, and another two bushes are going to open any day now.

 I can’t wait to see what color they are.
As you can probably see from the pictures they have aphids which I have tried spraying with homemade natural pesticides and store bought chemicals (which Neil doesn’t like). The homemade one didn’t work at all, the store bought one did seem to work but I can only use it twice a year, and I’m afraid to use it now that I that have seen birds perched on the bushes. I hate bugs but I like birds.

Another bush about to blossom

Finally, for the reason you read this blog. Between being out of ideas and materials and being busy I hadn’t made anything last week. But then I purchased some glass beads. Honestly I knew exactly what I wanted to make I just didn’t have the supplies I needed to make them. So I went online and made a couple of small purchases. One turned out to be a bust, the beads didn’t look anything like the picture but I can’t really complain for the price I paid and they were buy one get one free (You get what you pay for is the lesson I am learning this year). I’m still waiting on the essential piece I need for my idea so I can’t make it yet.

The Last two Peace roses

I did get a large pack of glass beads from my favorite supplier and I am amazed by the range of colors that were in the pack. I wish I had my wardrobe from home, I would make myself a pair of earrings to wear with every outfit. Unfortunately I didn’t bring all of my pretty summer dresses with me, and even if I did I’d never get to wear them since it’s rarely hot and I never get to go anywhere (hopefully that will change when I get my license!).

The first pair I made reminded me of a yellow linen dress I used to wear at home. I HATE YELLOW! But I like wearing it, it looks good on me. But when I saw these little yellow beads I knew I had to make a pair with them.

The two oblong beads are glass and you can see a swirl pattern in them. Each bead is separated by a small pearl bead. The findings are silver plated and they will hang approximately an inch and a half from the ear. 
Although there were several hundred beads in the pack I bought there are only enough of the same beads for me to make one pair of these so if you want them for yourself let me know. 

£4.50 including UK shipping, $9.95 including US shipping

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Sherri & The Roses
Sorry I haven’t posted anything since the showcase. I had a creative spurt last month and made several designs then posted them all, I didn’t have any inspiration to make anything else.
I have been busy though. We have a huge front yard at our house and I recently became interested in caring for it. I’m a city girl, I don’t do dirt or bugs but we have 12 rose bushes in the front yard and I am trying to nurture them. Some have aphids, most of them have a fungal infection which turns their leaves brown but when they bloom they are lovely. There are several different types of roses and in many colors; orange, red, several shades of pink and one call a “peace” rose which changes color as it blossoms.

This one smells like Turkish Delight
I started a few months ago, in the winter I cut back all the brown dead looking parts; Neil said they should be pruned by 30% every year but he hasn’t done it in years. This year I did it. Now that they looked like they wanted to flower I’ve gone out every day and watered them. We don’t have a hose or a spout outside so I carry a gallon jug back and forth to water the bushes. I figure it is good exercise and besides it will make them pretty. Neil doesn’t want me doing all this work but I don’t really have anything else to do.

The Peace Rose

Aside from that I’ve just been trying to be a good wife, learning about natural cleaning products (I've become obsessed with vinegar) and trying to keep the house clean and make yummy food like pizza (which I think I finally cracked) and trying new recipes that we can both enjoy. This week I made North African Cous Cous, Neil even liked it and he’s a picky eater. Last week I made chocolate pudding and Sunday I made butterscotch pudding, Neil didn’t like the chocolate and refused to try the butterscotch. More for me!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in America and my Godmother’s birthday is a few days later, and since I now have clip on earrings I decided to send her a pair. I had in my mind the pair I was going to send her but when I went to get them apparently they didn’t exist. I have the long pair (Birthday Earrings) and the pair on the chain but I thought they may be too long so I  made this pair especially for her.

Each earring has two garnets and one faux pearl bead. The findings are all silver plated.
Hopefully I’ll be inspired to make more earrings soon.

£5.00 including UK shipping, $9.30 including US shipping.
PS. I took these pictures on Monday and the bushes shown have bloomed more since then.